Peggy and I have each been music lovers as long as we've been alive.  We've each played piano since about the age of five, and we are both presently involved with our church "praise team" to lead in worship.

One personal interest of mine (Paul) has been computer sequenced music.  As a software professional, this has been a natural hobby to move into.  However, I confess that my best work in this area was done some years ago, before we had so many family responsibilities and other interests.

During the late 1980's I wrote my own software sequencing program in C++ under DOS, as development was done in those days.  Most of my best sequenced music was done with that program.

In the mid 90's I purchased various sequencing programs, but I was never really interested enough to dig into them deeply.  Since then, my interest has turned towards other areas.

But I do have about 100 songs recorded, mostly praise and worship type songs.  I think some of my best music is Christmas music, done in the early 90's.  A few Downloads are on this site. If you would like other copies, just let me know!!

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